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ES Wed 7-20-11

Hey, where'd everybody go?

Bruce is too busy makin' money on his new fangled footprint charts

What has happened so far today?
- Price tested last week's H (1327.75) and was rejected.

Now there has been a test of the overnight Low where some buyers stepped in.

If overnight midpt acts like resistance (1325.25), a push down through lows established right now 1320.50, would be an invitation to visit single prints at 1317.
see no big Footprints on my M-Delta charts since the mkt open - all action is happening on relatively low volume... Here is my 10:18 chart (highest 1-min volume)

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2011 07 201037
As APK mentioned we opened above the Value Area which means that the VAH is a support price which is was.

Below that is the L bracket single print that was created yesterday at 1316.50

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L bracket single from 7/19 might be support on 7/20
Further to DT's post, Value Areas (TPO green, Volume black)

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2011 07 201106
wow, this is really boring. I've had it.
Hey Paul, I'm with ya! Hey, thanks for getting the thread going this morning. Have a good night everyone!
Originally posted by PAUL9

wow, this is really boring. I've had it.
Extremely boring no-action day but it was a text-book Market Profile day. i.e. Opened above the Value Area and then used the VAH as a support price.

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End of Day for 20 July 2011
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