ES Mon 8-22-11

45 Minutes after market open today.

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ES at open on 22 August 2011
good morning did we have low vol at 34 to 36 area from o/n ?
It went rite to that this morning
How about the LVN from Friday up at 1146.25 to 1148.25?
Thank you, Bruce.
Dela, yes yhere was Low Volume node at 35.25
Px can't stay above 50% of Friday RTH Range (1136.25)

I think I see an LVN below (from Today 24hour prices at 1125.00, coincides with HVN from Friday at 1125.00

gap fill?
First volume

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2011 08 221107
Single print created in F bracket at 1131.50
second SD vwap 22.25
dt, you mean 21.50?
then it was at that
Originally posted by CharterJoe

dt, you mean 21.50?

No I meant 1131.50. I posted a summary in tomorrow's topic:
oh okay. I start with TPO A and there "was" a single print in the RTH at F 21.50