ES Fri 9-2-11

The yellow bars in the chart below are from Thursday trading session. A single print was created in the L bracket at 1211 even. This is a short price for today (Friday's) trading. I suggest a 4 point stop.

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ES overnight 2 September 2011
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2011 09 021343
I have VPOC at 1173.75
That was Volume VPOC, TPO VPOC = 1171.
just noticed, NQ has not closed the old gap yet. Close on my charts is 21,165.5. High of that day was 21,169
First volumme above 10K

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2011 09 021422
I missedit, stepped away for a bite
Well it makes me a bit sad that only one person could actually take the time to respond to my question on Friday. I like to think that I've helped a few of you out with ideas over time here on the froum and in private emails. So this is a bit disturbing that nobody could take the time to set me straight. It turns out that there actually is a big gap in the data from that 8:30 report.
Originally posted by BruceM

2184 - 2180 is key NQ zone...overnight hitting into zones perfectly..

anyone else have a big gap in ES data at 98.75 ??

11300 - 11316 is key YM zone...!