ES Thursday 9-22-11

It's always after the Fed. where the good trades unfold. The 1169 extreme support and objective posted this morning got blown away and the ES close 14 points lower at 1155.75.

Tomorrow I will be looking at the following numbers for trading set-ups.

For the outside: I will look for the market to move above 1156.25 and use it as a "platform" or support for my next objective at 1169.50. Overcoming 1169.50, then, that will be my next support to work from for 1179.00 objective. Overcoming 1179 will set the stage for 1186 objective.

For the down side: I will look for the market to move below 1151.75. Then use 1151.75 as a ceiling for my next down side objective at 1143. Below 1143 will be 1132 as next objective. If the ES moves down to 1132, It's possible that will extend to as low as 1123 looking for support. -- 1123.50 is also Sep. 12 low.

In a nutshell here are the numbers for tomorrows session. The bold numbers are important S/Rs. the others are minor s/r. If you find congruency between the numbers posted below and the ones you got, and the market is trending in that direction, then it's most likely the market will hit it.

For Sep. 22.. Thursday

Buy above 1156.25
with 1160.50 / 1165 / 1169 / 1179 / 1186
Extreme 1194
as outside resistance and objectives.

Sell below 1151.75
with 1147 1143 / 1139 / 1132 /
Extreme 1123 / 1113
as downside support and objectives.

As always, the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way.
I see for you the same I see for my self: having the very best of luck and a fun, profitable trading day!
10 pts but location is indeterminate.. nowhere to lean on..
that was 10pts from 1111... volume won..
It won't surprise me if we go into 23.50 and beyond now..
29 should contain it today..
thats your nich
tradezilla, is it really necessary to post like 40 times ? you don't have to write everything that crosses your mind

i thought you said you were gonna post after the is clear that is a very tall task, so till then, please keep the posts to a reasonable number (there are at least 25 posts that could have been avoided)
Y, I don't even know why I'm posting this way..ha perhaps I'm just a lonely trader trying to help.. Actually I do have a family and 3 kids and just bored when they're not here when I'm in front of my computer.. After the market, I don't have much to say but the point is well taken already and I respect it...
Tradezilla, you cannothelp anyone here with your calls, as traders at this Forum cannot read your posts in real time.
But reading (and writing) 40 posts takes time and distracts from watching the market. I do not know how you can trade and post with such frequency
and i mean no disrespect to you; i would like you to continue to post but i just think your stuff would be much more valuable to the reader if you posted a couple of times a day and not >40 times a day...

you can mention your levels early in the morning like a lot of guys do and then other interesting things you might see during the day, but not everything ! take bruce for example, he posts a few times and day and his stuff is invaluable

again, no offense at all
Thank you from me too Bruce!