ES Thursday 9-22-11

It's always after the Fed. where the good trades unfold. The 1169 extreme support and objective posted this morning got blown away and the ES close 14 points lower at 1155.75.

Tomorrow I will be looking at the following numbers for trading set-ups.

For the outside: I will look for the market to move above 1156.25 and use it as a "platform" or support for my next objective at 1169.50. Overcoming 1169.50, then, that will be my next support to work from for 1179.00 objective. Overcoming 1179 will set the stage for 1186 objective.

For the down side: I will look for the market to move below 1151.75. Then use 1151.75 as a ceiling for my next down side objective at 1143. Below 1143 will be 1132 as next objective. If the ES moves down to 1132, It's possible that will extend to as low as 1123 looking for support. -- 1123.50 is also Sep. 12 low.

In a nutshell here are the numbers for tomorrows session. The bold numbers are important S/Rs. the others are minor s/r. If you find congruency between the numbers posted below and the ones you got, and the market is trending in that direction, then it's most likely the market will hit it.

For Sep. 22.. Thursday

Buy above 1156.25
with 1160.50 / 1165 / 1169 / 1179 / 1186
Extreme 1194
as outside resistance and objectives.

Sell below 1151.75
with 1147 1143 / 1139 / 1132 /
Extreme 1123 / 1113
as downside support and objectives.

As always, the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way.
I see for you the same I see for my self: having the very best of luck and a fun, profitable trading day!
20 also happens to be IB which is likely a good pivot.. confirmation to the long side is 23.50 and above with 29 as target, worth a shot only after 1:15
in@24, got 1.5 and waiting for 3 and 28.25 for my final
Got 3, and stop@BE
Tempted to remove the target and ride the stop...
they have messed with last weeks RTH low quite a bit today....just don't like it when we get inside these big volume nodes......more likely to chop up and down..I want no part of that....

sun is finally out so I am outta here....good luck all
weird, they gave me 28.25 and I didn't even see price go there..
Originally posted by tradezilla

Tempted to remove the target and ride the stop...

Tradezilla, we thought you will post at the end of the day? what happened (lol).

I know tradezilla little bit , so teasing him.
Felt good after I finally made some of my losses I consolidated my 4 screens on 2 computers onto 2 screens on 1 computer again.. Trade 1'st post 2'nd.. Did you short oil again? YOu must be all ears if you did..
Have a beer on me bruce
BTW-I learned a lot from destiny, a lot of good stuff.. VPOC, Fisher concept, and yesterday's post is not stuff you will ordinarily hear from other traders.. I use them in combination of my S/R zones and its very complimentary..
Thank you from me too Bruce!