ES Friday 9-23-11

The numbers below are for Friday. The bold numbers are important S/Rs. the others are minor s/r. If you find congruency between the numbers posted below and the ones you got, and the market is trending in that direction, then it's most likely the market will hit it.

For Sep. 23. Friday:

Buy above 1125.32

with 1129.75 / 1133 / 1143 / 1147
Extreme 1151/1152
as outside resistance and objectives.

Sell below 1121.14

with 1113 / 1108.25 / 1103.75 / 1100 / 1096
Extreme 1087 / 1075
as downside support and objectives.

As always, the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way.
I see for you the same I see for my self: having the very best of luck, and fun, profitable trading day!
INDU retested its low. But I am not too hopeful for a rally today, unless French banks will get their TARP. Also your Congress may shut down, which is a negative situation. IF I were a hedge fund, I would sell into the close, just in case...

So it is all news driven, and Friday...

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2011 09 231232
what was all that about spike
must be a tweet from the IMF meeting
30 minutes chart. I looks as if it's working on a bull flag. Right now, the price could move down to 1121 and the flag is intact.
The projection is up to 1147 or so Keep in mind that we have the ONH at 1137 with a double top.

If the ES moves below 1119, will void the above.

ES now trading 1123.50 @ 13:06 E.T.
What the hell was that? any news?
I have a big vol bar on the 5 on a spike and immediate fade.. any input?
ES, is now up and out from the flag pattern posted earlier, and it has tested 1133 resistance. Overcoming 1133 will target 1137.
Above 1137, 1143, 1147 final objective, possibly at the very end of today's session.

The above will be voided if ES moves below 1125.

ES now trading 1131.00 @ 13:54
Outside potential was voided at 1124.75
ES now trading. 1127.00 @ 14:34.
lisa i cant believe it we missed MP it was at 12 today not after the market
Thanks to you, and have a great weekend.