ES Friday 9-23-11

The numbers below are for Friday. The bold numbers are important S/Rs. the others are minor s/r. If you find congruency between the numbers posted below and the ones you got, and the market is trending in that direction, then it's most likely the market will hit it.

For Sep. 23. Friday:

Buy above 1125.32

with 1129.75 / 1133 / 1143 / 1147
Extreme 1151/1152
as outside resistance and objectives.

Sell below 1121.14

with 1113 / 1108.25 / 1103.75 / 1100 / 1096
Extreme 1087 / 1075
as downside support and objectives.

As always, the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way.
I see for you the same I see for my self: having the very best of luck, and fun, profitable trading day!
That is the What are DVA tools, please.
1106.50 also.. Just the MP software on this site.. I want to see how you guys get the low volume nodes & single prints inside the H/L.. Not equiped with all the MP tools yet... Should've took 16.. Market may be inclined to travel within the value areas today
Regarding volume. I see low to medium volume all morning. The only "decent" volume was at level 1123.50 and not such a big volume. Take a look below. Had nothing higher all marning.
Now, after Eurozone closed, volume dwindled to almost too low.

Click image for original size
2011 09 231039
Bought 1125.50 support looking for 1137 and possible 1143.
ES now trading 1129.00 @ 10:51 E.T.

Stp at B.E.

in 29.25.....
[email protected] now.. hoping for 24 again
I see resistance on 24-hr chart at 1130.25
Stopped out, poor stp location, should've left the stop alone this time...
I like to see the O/N tested again (1137) Strong resistance at 1132. Will see

ES now trading 1129.00 10:56 E.T.
Moving protecting stp up to 1127.50. Objective is still 1137.
ES now trading 1131.00 @ 11:02 E.T.
Thanks to you, and have a great weekend.