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ES Tuesday 9-27-11

We are hitting up against our key 76.75 area as I type in the Overnight so I am looking for shorts up here. Preferably we will get the blow thorugh of that number and come back down for the retest. I will wait to see what the footprint shows.This was a low volume breakout point from 9-21. All other areas defined at the end of yesterdays thread had 4 - 5 point reactions in the overnight so those worked well if you were awake to trade them.

Volume is building in the overnight at the 71.50 - 72.50 zone so that still needs to be on our radar today as does the 66.50 - 67.75 numbers.

Above the 76.75 I only will be working from the low volume near 87 - 88. I will avoid trading near the peak volume price from 9-21.

My hunt for shorts has begun up here now at 79...I think they will come back for 76.75...! Good luck today
agree Lisa..I'm just waiting to see what happens at the IB high......or low...I have a feeling they want to revist 81.50 but haven't got any signal to short yet from up here
trying the short at 86.75 to targte 84.75...
I donot like this high as it is a matching 30 minute top......ideal fade point for me will really be above 89 way up near 92 !!! but will it even come that high ??
the poc as per time came in at 87 - 89 from 9-21-11....normally i wouldn't take that trade but the IB high was there....trying to get to 81.75 on runners but I don't have faith as that double top is a concern up here...
Took one more off at 83.50...trying to hold this last one for 81.75...but here is a shot of the conflict...the double top on 30 minute ....then we have that 81.50 low volume area that sits under the 83.50 high volume and the other high volume node at 79 area...

My thought is they will try to fill in between those high volume nodes....
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flat at 82.50...I have no good place for a stop on this one and don't want to be tortured...
DJI at 11310 s/r level
11400 above
11270 below
running Greek tax vote 130 yes 124 no with 1514 needed
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

running Greek tax vote 130 yes 124 no with 1514 needed

there is also a crippling strike on. Every essential services: energy, transportation, teachers....
POC of 9/21 is "taken"

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2011 09 271415
Originally posted by Lisa P

POC of 9/21 is "taken"

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2011 09 271415

charts of 09-21 and 09-27. History got repeated.
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