ES Tuesday 9-27-11

We are hitting up against our key 76.75 area as I type in the Overnight so I am looking for shorts up here. Preferably we will get the blow thorugh of that number and come back down for the retest. I will wait to see what the footprint shows.This was a low volume breakout point from 9-21. All other areas defined at the end of yesterdays thread had 4 - 5 point reactions in the overnight so those worked well if you were awake to trade them.

Volume is building in the overnight at the 71.50 - 72.50 zone so that still needs to be on our radar today as does the 66.50 - 67.75 numbers.

Above the 76.75 I only will be working from the low volume near 87 - 88. I will avoid trading near the peak volume price from 9-21.

My hunt for shorts has begun up here now at 79...I think they will come back for 76.75...! Good luck today
thats fun bruce omighty
Lisa do you have low vol at 76.25
Do any of you MP traders use overnight single prints or do you just look at RTH singles? I show an overnight single at 1174.75. (still new to MP and trying to learn the game) Thanks guys.
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Lisa do you have low vol at 76.25

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2011 09 271523
gap area from yesterday
Della, volume profile update for you

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2011 09 271554
[3:58:14 PM] teomakiusa.ja: ah, split in eurozone greece defalut
In O/N I'd watch the 1151 if it breaks out of the 72-62 range down.
44 and 32 under that.
1182 above
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1182 the 261.8 extension from this low and the 38% retrace of higher level range
pop and HOLD targets 1198-1201
not can target new low(-1077)
72,63,44 below levels to note if so
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POC of 9/21 is "taken"

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2011 09 271415

charts of 09-21 and 09-27. History got repeated.