ES Wednesday 10-5-11

Very interesting finish today which hopefuly will helps us expand our knowledge of the bell curves. At the end of today we blew right through the high volume node of 1102.75 and then preceeded to blow through the low volume nodes ( LV1 and LV2 zones from yesterdays chart) that comprised the 1107.5- 1112.50 area. The market then stoped at our high volume area of 1120.

The rules as I have stated them say that we will come back to test LOW volume and that is why I choose to be more agressive in the low volume zones. They donot state that we will retest high volume and that is why I donot trade at those areas for retests once broken. Like all trading methods this has it's losses and trading at the end of the day is more prone to trend then in the morning. So if you were trading this afternoon it would have been most challenging but here is the interesting part. As soon as the Overnight opened the market dropped like a rock to come back down to test all the way down to our 1107.50 and retest the entire it should.

here is how the overnight looks as I type...the point of all this babble is that we can count on Low volume being tested but not so much the high volume nodes once broken.
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Thanks Sandoxe, I missed your reply & just found it when researching the posts, what formula would I use to calculate these previous 3 days S/R levels?
regards Brent.T