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ES WED 10/19/2011

BruceM | 18-Oct-2011 at 4:06 PM | Rep: 47.8k | Posts: 10.6k | mail
I'm burned out from forum life...LOL....but I'll leave you with this today.....we had the 23.75 area marked as a long term Auction high from yesterdays thread. We also had the last low volume area from yesterday thread marked at 1217.

That news event spike blew through the 1217 without a retest at first . Some may have been thinking that my volume idea was going to fail and the 1217 was going to be passed on by. I was thinking that myself. Once we started to get back under the 23.75 long term bracket then you owed it to yourself to start thinking about the 1217 again...

main numbers as I type going into tomorrows trade will be

93.75 - 95

1202 - 1204

1207 - 1208

and 1213.75 - 1215.25 but I'm not sure that this won't be filled in before we close...we'll see

good luck
thanks for that lisa .your compoter back in BIZ
Just to correct an error about the NQ100 -- It should say --See The NQ100 daily Has the same Fib. configuration as the $INDU.(DJ index) The 1.618% Fib is at 2439.40, just above the 2435.50 daily high made on 7/26/11.

Originally posted by sandoxe

Nice work DavidS!!

As you point out 1229 is a stake here! So it will be the base or S/R to play from. (There are some numbers at 1234 and 1244 for ES, and we are congruent about the spike.)It will be worse if spikes up and then down below 1229.00 with failure to recover above 1229...ouch! SELL!! SELL! Using 1229/1230 as S/R!!

See The NQ100 daily Has the same Fib. configuration as the #INDU.(DJ index) The 1.618% is just above the 2435.50 high made on 7/26/11. The Fib. is just above that high at 2429.40. Same looks as the DJ! So we have to be at the look out for that equivalent S/R in the ES. That will be 1229/30

And yes it's between today, tonight and tomorrow 30 hrs window.
DaviS: Thanks for sharing the way you see.-.

careful here, Beige Book about to come out
Click image for original size
2011 10 191408
looks like alot of air
cant fight the trend
KT projection 1225.25-1219.0 gave us a full projection of 1208.75 / 1209.0
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

KT projection 1225.25-1219.0 gave us a full projection of 1208.75 / 1209.0

nest down projection will go from 1225.25-1217.5 yielding 1205.0
Nice calls and charts Lisa and Della, you guys nailed!!!
Looks like it's looking for 1201.00 at 200% by 15:50 and possibly 1193. @ 261.8% Fib latte eve.
I think we are making a (5) of three down, now working on 4 and 5 will be at 1201 at 15:50. The market will show me if the count is correct.

ES now trading 1209.00 at 14:49

Originally posted by della

cant fight the trend
INDU =11, 500 here, may provide support
I exclusively use a 1-tick tick chart and try to capture 1 tick always using market orders for both entry and exit ... no stops - ever.
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