ES WED 10/19/2011

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I'm burned out from forum life...LOL....but I'll leave you with this today.....we had the 23.75 area marked as a long term Auction high from yesterdays thread. We also had the last low volume area from yesterday thread marked at 1217.

That news event spike blew through the 1217 without a retest at first . Some may have been thinking that my volume idea was going to fail and the 1217 was going to be passed on by. I was thinking that myself. Once we started to get back under the 23.75 long term bracket then you owed it to yourself to start thinking about the 1217 again...

main numbers as I type going into tomorrows trade will be

93.75 - 95

1202 - 1204

1207 - 1208

and 1213.75 - 1215.25 but I'm not sure that this won't be filled in before we close...we'll see

good luck
just a thought... last weeks High could be very key today, especially for close of longer timeframe candles, 30/60 min close, or closing price end of day... 1220.75-21.5
Good morning uys Lisa P you here
Have system crushes, started last week. Today a video card failed. Page "real estate" reduced. Working on it now.
Cant seem to find a trade yet. They are playing inside our numbers
Ok took the clasic Bruce hour runnout
ib still intact, so hour high and low have not been broken...

Originally posted by rburns

Ok took the clasic Bruce hour runnout
10:30 hight tookout 30 min 10:00 high
can someone please post yesterday's MP chart with today's development? Mike? when convenient.
my bad rburns...just noticed the 225.25 high made right at 10:30

congrats on the trade and sorry abt any confusion

Originally posted by rburns

10:30 hight tookout 30 min 10:00 high
Just something to watch. 25.75 is 88% of move from high 1231 to low of 1185. Rule says if we dont take that out we should go back down to low.
I exclusively use a 1-tick tick chart and try to capture 1 tick always using market orders for both entry and exit ... no stops - ever.