ES Tuesday 11-8-2011

O/N high is currently dead on last weeks RTH high from Oct. 31.

If we open above yesterday's highs then the first support zones are:

1255-1257 – This one is the more important one in my view as it is the breakout area late yesterday.

Lower there is a small zone at 1247.

Lower still is 1240-1241 then down into the RTH low and below with 1230-1235 marking that range for me.

O/N high is first resistance if prices open around this 1265 area they are currently in.

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INDU at 12,000

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2011 11 081134
What are the projections for Kool Tools, please (in % of extension)
MP update. Thinly-traded area above still.

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2011 11 081359
First Greek PM, now Italian PM - both resigning
Tough trading today with the news
I know i wish they would get it over with