ES wed 12/7/11

was opened up this morning
Sellers in here at 57
thanks for opening the Forum Della

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2011 12 071321
Yes Thanks, I thought everyone had left for vacation.
anyone who feels inspired can start the day trading threads each day...just wanted to make sure that folks know don't need to wait for anyone...please post your thoughts anytime

fascinating how the three biggest volume areas are being played with in the day session and overnight...those are

1256 - 1257

1266 - 1268

1243.75 - 1245

nice structure today.....some know I was selling above the 57.50 ( extreme of the hv node) as we were in a neutral day ( trade on both sides of the IB) and we had single prints/air pocket to fill in below...that rally started too early....normally I don't like to sell into high volume but the context of the current session helped form a bias to the downside...hope u can see the logic...if not then just ask..otherwsie I assume most know the concept..
this guy here is alot like FT71 but you may get a few pointers about volume profile work etc,,,the site was sent to me recently..I have no affiliation and he has a paid service......poke around if you want and you will get some ideas...I hope .....
Thanks Bruce, All.
Bruce, there are three distinct mini-bells on my today's chart. When you took that trade on the high end of the top mini-bell, where would your target be? middle of the top mini-bell? next LV node? VWAP? Thanks
just in front of the air pocket
Originally posted by BruceM

just in front of the air pocket

not the "bottom" of the air pocket?