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ES Thursday 12-8-11

Contract Rollover today !

In the 'old' Dec contract I have:

HVN's at 1264.00 , 1257.00 , 1254.00 and 1249.00

LVN's at 1259.75 and 1251.00

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5 minute chart of overnight trading session
trying longs from 49.75 now....
filled at 50......not adding on these will take small losses to try to get the swing low.....would like to see some further up move and quick as open is in 8 minutes
took the 55 off as it was ahaead of the 56 number...waiting now
Great trading, Bruce!! especially in these conditions.
Originally posted by della

are we at march contract (H) now or still in dec

You should be trading H12 from today onwards.
43.75 is a RAT
Still December contract numbers. POC=1244

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2011 12 081023
Bloomberg: Euro banks need to raise 158 B Euro$ in capital. Good gief
good grief
thanks Lisa...that's a key word .."conditions" or context...we need to put the market into context on a bigger time frame and use or s/r numbers for guidance
Originally posted by Lisa P

Great trading, Bruce!! especially in these conditions.

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