ES Wed 12-14-11

zones i am conisdering this morning; above current levels



23.75-25 (single print from yest right in this area), also 27.5-28 is peak volume since the start of dec)


32.5-32.75 (poc just above and peak volume from yest lies at 35.5-35.75)


below i have

12.5-14 (yest lows in this area) big volume area lies right below all the the way to 207 (fyi was a big volume area for the dec contract that was translated to amrch using the spread between both cts)



good luck
Is anyone here, except me?
I am Lisa.
Lovedgor, just the two of us? lol
Is that 1204 area gonna hold again??
I am as well.
INDU 5 min

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2011 12 141502
I tried at 11800 (coarse), got a long scalp. Watching INDU
I live here
i am here too
I check in periodically
total for the day there just hitting it