ES Wednesday 1/04/2012

I have LVN up at the 73.00 area I am still having problems with my chart Lisa and Bruce what else is out there?
above i have two low vol zones from yesterday at 72.75 and up at 77 with the poc and peak volume in between them in the 75-75.5 area

below rests last week's high of 64.5 as an important level and below that i see low volume in the 59 area which should find support in the 56-58 area as pretty high volume from the past 20 days lies there

good luck
Della, this is what I have

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2012 01 040950
This is 24-hr micro view. We are between today's POC and VWAP, so I am in a waiting mode

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2012 01 040952
Thanks lisa now i know thank you
Footprint. My VWAP is at 1266

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2012 01 041108
1265 bears have not made money....yet
Lisa I have LV area up at 69.75 still
ES is just under O/N LVA, so bears still may come in
seems likely to me that 1275 area will get retested as long as the hour low can hold....if we start failing under that low then we still might be able to print 1253 today...

atr of 12.5 points minimum....volume still weak
Della, OverNight POC=1267.50. If we take it, I will change my bias to positive and start looking for longs on pullback

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2012 01 041133
Good bruce thank you very much