ES Wednesday 18/Jan/2012

anyone selling the plus 8 today..? anybody here ?? They are trying to breakout from last weeks highs again

critical resitance at 99 - 1300.25....

95.50 should be retested and soon!
I sold both +4 and +8, Bruce - got stopped out. Today news are stronger than
the pitbulls bought the open print on the way back up...we opened and dropped 2.5 points below the open and took out the overnight they were buyers...once we went 2.5 points on both sides of the open then the pitbull window is closed....

but I can see how the plus 4 was useless number so far today....I think they will come back to the plus 4 again today..

sorry for your loss Lisa...first hour trend needs to now is a good time for that
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I sold both +4 and +8, Bruce - got stopped out. Today news are stronger than
thanks for your comments Bruce - I am learning
good morning you guys POC is that 95.00 92.00 is LVN from yesterday
Della, Bruce, I understood that once the "significant" point, such as LVN, is traded through, it is no longer valid for trade initiation. Is that correct?
it was traded though today but still today it looks like air from 91.00 to 92.50 On my TPO
that is generally correct Lisa but today is different because we blew through the LVN of 92.50 from yesterday and created low volume again in the same zone....

with the high of last week at 92.75 it is obvious that somebody with more money than all of us is using that high to run stops above and below so that area is STILL important..

sometimes it is easier to combine days ( especially when we are trading inside the prwevious days range) to one profile just to see the areas better

as long as the 99 - 1300 holds then they will come back to the 1292.75 and that lvn node again today...
a low volume zone was created on top of yesterday's low volume area of 91-92.5 so we could be revisiting that area...but first things first, we have a single print at 94.75 and the top of the buying tail at 93.25, right before that "double" low volume area
i was typing while bruce was posting so did not see his post, but same idea i guess...obviously his is sexier lol
Originally posted by BruceM

critical resitance at 99 - 1300.25....

The S&P has been testing 1300 for about 30 minutes?

Anyone trading off this?
here comes buy stops