Is This Really A Worthwhile Dream?

Hello All. I am new to the forum and have joined out of my frustration.

I have tried several systems out there and have failed by blowing out my accounts several times. I am a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), do private consulting and consider myself to be a pretty sharp guy, BUT I cant seem to get day trading the emini S&P to work consistently. My belief systems are a bit down on this dream of mine so my question to you all is this.....

Do you or someone you know day trade full time and earn at least 300k per year? What is your honest success story. I need to hear this from someone who is not trying to sell me some **** that DON'T WORK!

...SORRY FOR THE SWEARING :( Seriously, if you know of a person, program, book, system or idea please just email me and I will review. I will even pay a finders fee to your paypal account if it is worthwhile. Thanks for your help.
Didn't see that. good advice by the way. I listen to the audio book at least once a month for preventative maintenance
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Didn't see that. good advice by the way. I listen to the audio book at least once a month for preventative maintenance

I was once highly specialized at pulling my winners early and letting my losers run. I would put those abilities up against anyone!
I am new to the forum and fairly new to trading the ES. After wasting some money on training, the Online Trading Academy, I am no closer to trading than when I started.I to would just like to talk to or hear about some people who are trading successfully. I sent a private Email to BruceM asking for help so maybe he can help. Netjedimaster I think we are in the same boat. I will Email you so maybe we can share our journey.
Don't worry you are not alone. I started out last year trading ES and had HUGE losses. Since that was my first year of daytrading, I took it as a learning experience and realized my biggest mistake was over-trading. Since Jan 1 I've "turned over a new leaf" and have been profitable. How? For me I used the day-trading millionaires calculator on this site. I set a target for the day - 3 points, and once I hit that target, I quit. Sometimes I meet my target, sometimes I don't. There is always tomorrow.

I do use a lot of indicators and don't want to bore this forum with details. But if you PM me I can explain how & why I use the indicators. I believe they do yield good probabilities but the ultimate gauge of a good trader is the DISCIPLINE you develop.
Email Sent. Lets figure this thing out!
Geekodude, Sounds good to me. Have not blown my account yet. But blew alot on a worthless education service. Sent PM.