ES Wednesday 1-25-12

Not the main chart I'm trading from but it shows the levels good enough....this week has all the volume so far at the 08 - 1310.75 so I prefer to look for buys near or under 1305.50 and sells near or above 1313.50...

I'm assuming that this magnet will stay in place so the basic idea is to fade moves away from the center once volume dries up and ultimately target that center

Initiating right in the key magnet zone is higher risk and it is best to trade at the extremes

Reports at 10....
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these r from Nick so we only have one thread:

Levels i am watching

13.75-14 low vol; o/n poc

12-12.5 modest vol formed this week

11 low vol separating the area mentioned above and the massive volume mentioned below; they could want to fill this area at some point to round the bell curve

8.5-10.5 Lots of volume in this area; this weeks peak vol and POC, last weeks POC and peak vol also here

4-4.75 and 1-1.75 are low vol zones separated by some modest vol in the 3 area


94.5-96.5 ok vol area from last week

92-92.75 double low volume area

good luck
this is my spot below this minus 2.5..
on 04.25....long...have 02 below to lean on
trying to get to 06.50..yesterday ledge low..
trying again at 03.75..minus 4 - 5.5 zone is in..
taking something off at 05.75...having data issues..
yep, interactive brokers acting kind of funny on me this morning
trying 03.75 again....will look to add under 02.50 if needed
taking something at 05.25....that has been a tricky zone..trying to hold for 08 retest....but may be off today
u know the day is tough when the segment count cannot be read clearly...that implies that nobody is able to drive the market in any clear direction for even a short period of time..and so they slug it out
Agreed Bruce, just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything along the way!