ES Friday 2-3-12

32.50 - 35 is my sell zone post report..beyond that I would only look above the 40 area for fades.
thanks paul...I think they will push toward our 42 area and soon as long as that 38.50 holds
no real clue and that is why I day trade but we can have low volume rallies that go for long periods of time but then have a decline for a week or so that wipes out MONTHS or rallies....
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we are going up without volume, the advancing issues of the last 3 days still lagging the 5 and 10 days. in my opinion when the price goes down it will go fast unless long time frame buyers will step in,
Bruce any comment?
it will be interesting to watch Paul...

if we test 38.50 and hold and come back up I will buy small at new highs.....aggressive for me and in some ways it is experimental as I don't "do" breakouts...
Bruce, be careful to go long if the breakout don't go over 40.25
cancelled that buy stop...the structure is there but I just don't need the additional risk...seems like it wants to pop up...I really like that 42 may nibble on short side if they can push it up there..

It's been a good friday, not a great friday but a good friday and no need to end badly with higher risk stuff
here is some quick babble about bell curves and basically pointing out the failed auction down but on a smaller time frame
No video below? Try this link: bell_curvefri.swf

VIX daily chart. Perhaps of interest.

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2012 02 031245
1340 has been taken out.

I have a sell order at 1344.

the price made a higher high without the Breath
I like the idea of selling..just not sure it's gonna get there
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1340 has been taken out.

I have a sell order at 1344.

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