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ES Friday 2-3-12

32.50 - 35 is my sell zone post report..beyond that I would only look above the 40 area for fades.
still think 1343.5 needs to come at least for my sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah...if you could just teach the institutional trading computers the concept of fairness....
then a decent correction either from 43.5 or 48 area
Bruce, i sent you message.
A record surge in part-time employees was the reason for the job's number while the increase in full time employees was very tiny. Still the US may be lead the world out of recession if we can keep it up.

It appears the record surge in people not in the labor force is not the only outlier in today's data. For the other one we go to the Household Data Survey (Table 9), and specifically the breakdown between Full Time and Part Time Workers (defined as those "who usually work less than 35 hours per week"). We won't spend too much time on it, as it is self-explanatory. In January, the number of Part Time workers rose by 699K, the most ever, from 27,040K to 27,739K, the third highest number in the history of this series. How about Full time jobs? They went from 113,765 to 113,845. An 80K increase. So the epic January number of 141.6 million employed, which rose by 847K at the headline level: only about 10 % of that was full time jobs: surely an indicator of the resurgent US economy... in which employers can't even afford to give their workers full time employee benefits
The real eye opener was the DROP in the number of workforce participants by 1.2 milion people...Where did they go...that along with revisions was made up for most of the drop in the rate....just does not sound that good, does it?
why,,,? are you long from open low ? If so why ?...thanks...obviously u longs would need to hold that evil 39 area
Originally posted by vasuki

still think 1343.5 needs to come at least for my sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting...some get intimidated by the concept of institutional computers.........I say bring it on......I hope nobody lets this concept stop them from day trading or trading in general......

Personally I think it is over rated and a scare tactic to keep the little trader down....I don't doubt it exists but I find no real difference in my trading of the ES now compared to back in 1998 when I started at the emini....

In fact it's better for me now but that is also because I have learned much over time....otherwise the playing field really hasn't changed...somebody is always looking to profit from human emotions of fear and greed......sure they might program the concept into a computer but it's still the same ideas
Originally posted by Dubya

Ah...if you could just teach the institutional trading computers the concept of fairness....
I don't use the $VIX but as Lisa said it intersting, A day like to day when we have the market making new high and the vix is going up.

anyone has explanation for it? I would like to hear your opinion. I might keep my short overnight
Khamore, daily chart of VIX (posted above) shows that VIX is at the level (VIX=15-17)where market historically turned down. Considering that we are 7th week up, and that the Greek situation has not been resolved, though the agreement supposedly was a done deal a week ago, and many other issues with Europe, I am reluctant to buy anything and quietly selling my holdings.

I am afraid that when the move comes, it will be as sudden as the "flush crush". maybe I am too cautious, but....
Lisa...we can never have too many posts please post often
Originally posted by Lisa P

have a good weekend everyone. do not eat too much junk food.

sorry for many small posts
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