ES Thursday 2-16-12

42.50 - 44 is first resistance to go back to 38- 39 area...( lots of stops at 40.25 now )above is 47 - 49.25 for sells to use 44 as a target

this is a bracketed market still and all the volume this week is in this 42.50 - 44 so these sells are harder I think...safer sells are higher up in that upper zone

below the 38 area i will wait till I see trade under 35 to look for longs
this has to move faster and then stay back below Wednesdays range highs or else they will push for 58 and the 60.50. I don't mind taking small losses but will not average up into that

will look to target 51.50

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We are only 1400 issues up the VOLD is less than 300K I don’t know how we keep going up
Looks like good old fashion trend up day....have not had one in so long we forget they used to happen all the time.."the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent"
I agree with you... all I ment is we go up without the "fuel"
I think we are still balanced and this is usually not how breakouts from balance happen on a bigger time frame...too much energy has been used up to reach these balance area I continue the sells...especially near my friend 1355..but obviously will not be stupid and average in...chart later....even if this idea fails ..just for reference...
to me all this trend happened too early in the day...poor time for this to just keep will have to at least breath a bit

3 sets of singles so agressively trading for the 53.75 retest at least
as a fader I never get to thinking that we are really trending...I'd rather just be wrong and lose a little bit...this is only trending on the day time frame...we need to see the forest from the trees....

just my two cents...will see what happens from here
I understand, however as a day trader I pretty much look just at the "day", hence day trading.. yesterday and tomorrow are days I cannot so anything about at the moment....just my two cents also...
I have to point this out only because I remembered.
Take a look at 2011, the days in the week before the presidents’ day holiday, they were strong and then Tuesday feb22, day after holiday, kerplunk
I don’t remember what the headline was then.
Option expiration week is historically up week
Did anyone else heard about it?
Originally posted by Dubya

Many Thanks to all the traders who kept shorting this market all the way up today and buying back above new highs..could not have done it without you....just kidding..the real credit goes to the Goldmans and Chases aand Wells Fargos of the world that make up 80% of the emini market..their computers all decided to pretty much go in the same direction today...and that I believe is educational...tomorrow is a new day..we will see what they decide to do tomorrow...I will leave the predictions to others...quite frankly, I am not that smart....

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