ES Thursday 2-16-12

42.50 - 44 is first resistance to go back to 38- 39 area...( lots of stops at 40.25 now )above is 47 - 49.25 for sells to use 44 as a target

this is a bracketed market still and all the volume this week is in this 42.50 - 44 so these sells are harder I think...safer sells are higher up in that upper zone

below the 38 area i will wait till I see trade under 35 to look for longs
thanks Kool...very USEFUL....
The seasonality chart shows what i had 'predicted' earlier...that the next few days may be down. And i believe it is relavent to have an opinion on the bigger picture, even as a daytrader.... its why (combined with overbought indicators, seasonality,etc)i will likely be agressively selling tomorrow!. As far as Dubyas comments go.... your right! Your not that smart!
Ha ! If Dubya wanted to really impress us then he/she could post those great computer trades....but instead all we get is this after the fact stuff which still isn't's almost like a cnbc recap....

I don't mind kidding or being made fun of but don't preach if you can't practice what your preaching to us...

I guess many use the forum to satisfy different's just not always clear what those needs are for some posters
Well put ,Bruce.. one more little piece of evidence for my view of weakness going forward from Quantifiable Edges...
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2012 02 14 png

These results seem to suggest a moderate downside edge over the next 6 days.
Originally posted by Dubya

Many Thanks to all the traders who kept shorting this market all the way up today and buying back above new highs..could not have done it without you....just kidding..the real credit goes to the Goldmans and Chases aand Wells Fargos of the world that make up 80% of the emini market..their computers all decided to pretty much go in the same direction today...and that I believe is educational...tomorrow is a new day..we will see what they decide to do tomorrow...I will leave the predictions to others...quite frankly, I am not that smart....

Less snark

More helpful input.

Do you ever post your trades as they're made?