ES Thursday 2-23-2012

Here's just a slimmed down version showing only PASR ZONES using a 30min chart of the ES (All Trading Hours). The RTH's have the Blue background with the "overnight session" on a Gray background.

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es 30m sr for 22312 pasr zones only

And here's what I was looking at to draw in the Red Zone PASR price levels. I've circled the past price action/swings etc. in White. Also, not shown, is higher and lower time frames I took into account in the same way (Daily chart ... less than 30min intraday etc.).

I stripped out my usual "background" dashed white lines showing Weekly Pivots and the Magenta "semi-significant" PASR's ... as well as removing the VolProf for a clean and simple chart.

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es 30m sr for 22312 pasr zones tutorial

Hope this is useful to some as a MAP of S/R levels where other components can be used for confluence ... Daily/Wkly Pivots and whatever else one finds useful ... and seeing the good ol' over-used word of "confluence."


ps. FYI, these are ES continuous contract charts using Thinkorswim.
And just to loop-back-around to why I posted the above charts ... here's the link to the prior day's posts I did at the end of the topic/thread. It has more descriptions of how to find your own PASR's as well as addressing in an MS Word doc the walk-thru of where a pay-for-service does the same thing you can do yourself for, as I've said before, the price of a free movie ticket!

Hope all bang out some bucks on Thursday!
Thanks MM. Always appreciative of effort put into a quality post.