ES Mon 3-5-12

gm, does anyone have the weekly vwap and std dev lines bruce has mentioned in the past?

in terms of numbers i have 59 as peak volume form the week prior to last (its poc there as well)...below i have low volume in the 56.5-57.5 area which includes the bottom of the spike low that ocurred on wed at the lows...then i have the 55 area with volume and weekly s1 and below that low vol in the 52.5-53 area, right at last week's lows

above we have single prints at 63, weekly pivot at 66.5 and the big volume area from last week going from 68 to 70.5, with 72.5 just above
disappointing that nobody could have helped you out Nick but I think these threads are winding down as few participate anymore. Perhaps it's the reduced volatility. Here is vwap from last week only.
Click image for original size
thanks bruce...
Bruce I look forward to your morning comments. Pls continue
I hate to make this my first post. I have recently joined mypivots and I certainly don't want it to "wind down". Because of the volume of excellent information I have been 100% in research mode, I personally don't have anything to add that might help anyone, but I can say that this is by far the best site I have found on Market Profile and related strategies, and I am very thankful to have found it. I visit the site many times throughout the day EVERY day. I would like to thank everyone who does contribute and emphasize that your time is not wasted.

Thanks again,

Thanks for your comments Shipp and I agree that we don't want it to "wind down" - anybody have any ideas for winding it back up?