ES Monday 3-26-12

Here's what I'm looking at for the 1st day of Spring break.
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for 3 26
cumulative ticks on new highs without price right now! so if we are to get target then it should happen now soon.

when high $ticks can't move the market up then often the sellers appear a bit harder
skew is now plan is to try and target last one for final air fill at 04 even and then hold one for new lows on the day...not convinced that my plan will work yet.

back to 06.50 will take runners out.. I think new highs on the day will try to push for the 1410 - 1412.50 but won't be on that move

stuck inside the hour range so this is no place to initiate trades now that the hour is complete
vwap was at vwappers are fighting with me..ON high is there and the last single print..also 50% back on the day
no more initiation for me..only trying to hold for those new it will be the new lows or 06.50 will stop this out
L 07.00 breakout from the IB target is 10.00
nice trade shipp!
Thanks Bruce!