ES Wednesday 4-11-12

Jing cut me off today but you'll get the point. Here is some ramble and hopefully it goes well with the plan you have outlined for today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

I think as long as the current overnight high holds they will try to push towards to 64.35 vwap close from yesterday
just sold rat at 68.75..3 point stop
first target is 65.5 the -2.5 pitbull number
move stop on last to 68.50..would love to see gap close at 57.more than likely i will exit around watch it go up tap my stop then
battle royale.
I watch T&S filtered by trades over 80 contracts.
Size is lifting the ask right now.

Can this day turn into a short squeeze?
size doesn't know what it's doing right now. shifting back and forth

I haver seen some big trades
over 400 c in both directions in single trades.
With little am news and beige book later, good chance for limited range until BB comes out.
If I was a breakout trader I'd be thinking of the following:

We are holding above yesterdays VWAP = Bullish, we are accepting price inside the single prints from yesterday and todays VPOC is there = bullish. We always like to see immediate rejection in LVN's, not a buildup of time.

The fun starts in 5 minutes...good luck breakout traders !
looks like the BB was non event..where are the fireworks?
that was a real dud...another reason for me not to be a breakout trader.I just keep wondering which volume they want to go test. The volume up at 76 or the volume at 1356 ? I have no real clue but it's interesting how we are forming this bell curve right in between those two other nodes!
thanks to u 2 duck..have a great evening