ES Monday July 23rd

Key areas are last weeks low at 1339 and then we have volume and the overnight LVN up at 1345...the midpoint is that is a crucial zone..

"failure to hold outside an overnight range targets the overnight midpoint" - Dr. Brett

only other area below the overnight low for me is 1328 - 1330....volume down there
frustrating day as we have lots of probabilities pointing to upside trade but the market signals just aren't there so far.....

a good day to practice being patient and hope we get some high $ ticks before the 1337 retest!
something to research and think about:

Big money ( volume) comes in at 1337 and then we get a VPOC on the day at 1333...that is 4 points below the this just the big money exiting and unwiding their shorts ?

This would be differnt then traders accepting price and forming a vpoc at 1333....if that was the case then we would expect continued lower prices

sure wish I knew

..if trading were easy then we'd all be rich !!

congrats to you Nick and all those reversal bar trades who are holding long...hope it keeps pushing up for you all

hour range is in !
flat on runners at 37

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took it off while writing at the 35-35.25 air fill level...runners will stop below current lows

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with u on those longs...32 was the base of the spike up from 7/13 and also low of the day so some support was expected there i guess

other than that i have the 26-28 area below that, with 30-31 also as a potential stoppping place

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with a gap in the data at 1335 I'm starting longs at 1333

beautiful Nick......nice trade !!
thanks bruce...was gonna leave one for the 39.25 retest (last week's low) but changed my mind....looks like that is exactly what the market is planning to do now

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beautiful Nick......nice trade !!
op range high is right there as well at 38.75
an idea for all u cummulative delta players:

Instead of using price swings, I suggest you look at the high volume nodes ( where the big volume came in- NOT where price accumulated and TIME builds up to create vpocs)....then look where Cummulative delta is when you return to the peak volume node..

in todays example you would be looking at what happened on the retrun to that 1337 ....this way you can have a heads up to see if big players are still net short when we come back to the 1337 or have they flipped over to long or neutral?
I'd like to see any retrace remain shallow and stay above the 1335.50 - 1337 price zone...this way we'd have a chance to get those sellers at 1340.75 and more importantly the 1345 - 1347 zone

assuming we can find some signal to get long...

obviously they are messing with the overnight low...the volume spikes can confirm that for you if u r in doubt ever as to whether they have their eyes on an area

so I am looking for longs there on this pull back
now I'm having a good day...LOL...I think everyone is on summer break !!
good call bruce, congrats...
ideally we'd need to see some nice volume and high $ticks above last weeks RTH lows...till then we just ping pong around