ES wednesday July 25th

Outside of that Overnight high and last weeks low I am real curious to see what happens if/when 43.75 prints....this was a volume surge yesterday and there is a gap in the data that wasn't filled.

other numbers

1334 - 1335 - afternoon swing high and the volume surge point..critical number to me

1330 - volume from overnight and a LVN..yesterdays close..Dr Brett concept here too

hope all do well your range extremes !!
same here, in fact did not even try a long....will try from 28-29
trying again from 31 even.....hope this is the one
u got it, congrats
holding all but one now to see if I can get 36 even

I want to apologize to those reading as I can't alway post timely as I take multiple trys in my zones or when I see volume the past I have kept wider stops but I no longer do that

For now I am thinking that the volume that came in at 33.50 was sellers and they pushed it 3 points down so once they are satisfied then they exit they are buying to cover which helps price rally we can all subtract 3 points from 33.50

I will stop out on last at entry if I can't get market to test above value area levels posted
always fascinating to see how the market wants to digest what the big players are doing...just got stopped out on last contract..seems like they will go for gap fill but I can't sell lows..just not my style..hope it drops for any who are short
we need to remember that we are still inside the Overnight range and yesterdays without another news event we should be looking for consolidation and look to buy lows and sell we need to be buyers down here under the IB low in my opinion.....they should come back to 33.50 still

they will want to round out this two day bell curve that is shaping least that is what I think
this is such a cool area down here because we have statistics that say we break an overnight high or low 95 % of the time ( Dr. Brett taught us that - don't be fooled by others not giving him credit)....and now we are at the midpoint of that range and neither range extreme has been broken yet..

now look where your volume comes in about 3 confirm that close of yesterdays day session so we know money is watching that..

my money is still on the 33.50 retest again...we'll see
Bruce what hours do you use for overnight?
tried a long from 28, got out at -0.25...don't like it...25.5 and then yest lows is the area i am looking at
some new and biggest volume coming in at 1328...can u confrim that nick?...might be having a data issue...just had a power flikr here

I'm starting a small long campagin at 26.50...looking for air fill back into 1330 - 1330.50 but will watch what happens back up into the 1328

if this is truely sellers then they will push for the 1325 - 1324..right near yesterdays smaller capitalized trader have a risk point
32.50 is now big volume dog..lets see what the 4pm close can give per volume