ES wednesday July 25th

Outside of that Overnight high and last weeks low I am real curious to see what happens if/when 43.75 prints....this was a volume surge yesterday and there is a gap in the data that wasn't filled.

other numbers

1334 - 1335 - afternoon swing high and the volume surge point..critical number to me

1330 - volume from overnight and a LVN..yesterdays close..Dr Brett concept here too

hope all do well your range extremes !!
SHARK....I use just the small time frames as I want to know what happens right now....I spent what seems like a lifetime merging composites and profiles etc but I can't make them work...sometimes they are helpful at seeing the key areas but for the most part as a day trader I want to know where the volume came in from previous day sessions and what has happened in the most immediate overnight session.

Now many use composite profiles of volume so more power to just doesn't work for me.

The lvn ( low volume nodes) are crucial to keep track of but we also need to see the big volume that CREATED those low volume nodes. Sometimes price will drive right through the LVN and stop right at where the big volume came in initially. This goes well with my post above about all us other traders piling on in the vicinity of the high volume.

If we take yesterday as an example...I mentioned the 34.75 number and the 29.50 as areas where big volume came in as it happened..( I'm going by memory so I may be off a tic or two ).so it is no surprise that we had LVN's and hvns around those numbers coming into todays session but we knew about those areas the second it happened !

Quite often you will EVENTUALLY get HVN's that form right at the big volume node price because price will gravitate towards the big we have three areas...36.50, 33.50 and i won't be surprised to see volume accumulate around one of those guess is that it will be the 33.50 as that is closest to the center of todays range too..

hope that helps...let me know if I need to expand...Man, can I babble once I get started..LOL!!
Oh yeah - u mentioned the DELTA..I like to know if the big volume was created with positive or negative delta but so far it is inconclusive to me to use that for a prediction on direction as many fake outs happen.....a work in progress for me
Thanks Bruce
I think your understanding of where Volume is and to react to it is impressive. Keep up the post.

Interesting that we have higher lows on the 30 minute since 11 a.m.

Other thing to note is that the lvn's today are:




these are from my IB data so may be slightly off but compare those to the big volume surges today at

1333.50, 1336.50 and 1328
that 33.50 spike is building out but hasn't yet taken over as vpoc today...still to see if it happens...
32.50 is now big volume dog..lets see what the 4pm close can give per volume