ES wednesday July 25th

Outside of that Overnight high and last weeks low I am real curious to see what happens if/when 43.75 prints....this was a volume surge yesterday and there is a gap in the data that wasn't filled.

other numbers

1334 - 1335 - afternoon swing high and the volume surge point..critical number to me

1330 - volume from overnight and a LVN..yesterdays close..Dr Brett concept here too

hope all do well your range extremes !!
yes somewhere in the 28-28.5 area i see
trying to get two point target to cover and tighten runners...damn that 28....!!
runners now trying for 29.75 - just below air fill and then that is 3 points above the 28 volume...will stop out at 26.50 on them if wrong
rburns - Overnight is 4:30 - 9:30 eastern time to me

basically anything that is NOT 9:30 - 4:15 eastern time as that is my day session
if I had one left which I don't I'd be trying to get to 33.50 thinking that the volume that came in at 1328 was really buyers and they will eventually try to push it back to the other big volume spike zone that happened today....which is 1333.50

we also had volume at we had three main areas that big money came in so far today

these last players got there minimum three point target so i was riding that and covered at the 1331 print

it's ok to get greedy sometimes but this was not big size for me so it's best to get out and be much as we all like to hold for big moves we have to be happy with what we get.

we need to strive for consistency on entries and exits !

IMHO it is the person who gets frustrated at missing bigger moves that fails at trading
I beleive the biggest challenge we face with the volume work is that we have two forces at work.

The first force is that the big volume comes in so we have an exact tic of where that happend. The second force is that other traders pile on board in the VICINITY of the large volume and create the VPOCs we have all come to know.

so today VPOC is at 31.25 and price seems to be repelling that now but i think they will still go for that 33.50 at least but it may be a challenge around the VPOC.

nobody said this job was gonna be easy !!

ok..once again the soap box is kicked aside and the speech is over !!
So true Bruce just got stopped on low tic on the last move up due to my own inconsistency
thanks for the teachings bruce, very insightful, as usual
This technique with the big volume nodes and specifically the 3 - 4 point pushes around them is relatively new for me. The distance from them should change with volatility but it's good enough for summer..

I know most here do their own research so I just want to make that clear just in case we have some who aren't putting in some effort.

the basic idea that I have used for at least 5 - 6 years is that the big volume gets tested...that is a stable idea we can always use.
Do you put any faith in longer term composites for measuring Volume or are you using shorter term timeframes or the Delta to measure the big Volume?
I thought you mentioned using a 30 sec or less chart for that, just curious.

32.50 is now big volume dog..lets see what the 4pm close can give per volume