ES Thursday 9-13-12

Today is Fed Day and also Rollover Day. Here is a chart from last Fed Day on 1/August/2012. Announcement was at 2:15pm that day. Today it will be at 12:30pm.

not trading this mess now...was lucky to get a short going on the first pop into that 45.5-47.5 area i mentioned yesterday which i could unwind pretty quickly at a nice profit with runners all the way down to the ib high...gonna work on the rollover process for the rest of the day...out tomorrow so see u next week

good luck
stopped at 41.75 and trying again from 43even
one quick thing, levels i would use from here on the short side are 52.75-53.5 and 55-56
got the 41 and trying to hold for 39.75 once again I don't know if they are gonna come back to the volume building at 42.50 so will keep my stop on runners at 43
stopped out ..gonna try one more time as I know that was big volume now up at 42.50...ideal would be to see a new high first but hopefully the delta will help up here

I still think we will see the 39.75 and the 36.25 by days end per December

with new highs we would have to use the 42.50 as a first magnet
trying again from in data at 44....don't want to see it to 47.50 before 42.50 tests
stopped out at 47.25
this really is it now ..ha from 48.25 short for that 44.25 ..will not add
we have three sets of single prints now...will it be four ??
this is right in the 55-56 area i mentioned before (after we flew right thru 52.75-53.5 i should say)...too close to each other i guess

i think one extra probe up and then down
Thanks for the update ETM! Appreciate the follow-up.