ES Thursday 9-13-12

Today is Fed Day and also Rollover Day. Here is a chart from last Fed Day on 1/August/2012. Announcement was at 2:15pm that day. Today it will be at 12:30pm.

they might want to drive to the 67 area before all is said and done, with 71 lying jsut around the corner (sept numbers so substract 7 for the dec contract)
added at 56.25...heavier but willnot be toattly foolish up here any more..targeting 52.50 volume and calling it a day..will watch closely above this 57 to take last loss...
should be third single print
wow just can't get this thing to settle down here..still going
hoping this one is the climax move but been very wrong so far
pulling some off at 53.25 just in case and tightening runners
this 52.50 will be critical for sellers to get beyond now..
with any LUCK 48.50 - 49 will print soon but that 52.50 volume was HUGE..don't get too greedy and take most off unless u added
closing up shop at 1450.75...first initiation point was 51.75 !! a good end to a less than perfect series!! I just don't trust that 52.50 volume...
Originally posted by ETM

Could someone give me a guideline for the latest time I can trade the old contract. I day trade the e-mini. My bars are based on volume, not time. So my Dec. chart looks dramatically different from my Sept. chart. I think I need an hour or so until the new contract has enough trade history to give me a decent picture to trade off of.

What I'm really asking: Are there any risks trading the old contract on rollover day?

Following up in this, I compared volumes of both e-mini contracts and found they were about the same as of Thursday's 9:30 open through the day session and overnight session. By the 9:30 open on Friday, the Dec contract clearly had more volume.
From what I have read, most traders stay with the old contract through roll week and go to the new Sunday night .. gives them the weekend to make change to their charts
Thanks for the update ETM! Appreciate the follow-up.