ES 10-16-12

Weekly R1 not mentioned is 1443.50 and another Vpoc up near 1448.50 - 1450 just in case they keep pushing..prefer the 1439 area as a magnet first though.. ..1437 - 1439 is also first critical support point
No video below? Try this link: tues_10-16.swf

well, we got to that full extension after all, and we did not even have to twait that much to get to it

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and the 45.5 area was the 61.8 extension of yesterday's rth according to paul's findings there is an 80% chance that we hit the ful extension at 51 (i hope this one is part of the 20% group lol)

short from 46 and covered some at 44.5 and don't like the prospects for the ones left so tightening stop

i have 47.25-47.5 and the 48.5-50 area above, that matches bruce's #

ib close approaching and it feels they will want to break it higher

i think big mike mentioned that on unfilled gap days a break of the ib in the direction of the gap usually is good for a couple of pts after the break (correct me big mike if i am wron, if it was u of course who mentioned this)

On a day like Tuesday (Bear trap and squeeze) I think the VWAP for the day is the critical factor. On Tuesday, every time the VWAP was tested, buyers emerged (bears with short positions established over the prior 3 trade days who wanted to exit?).

Maybe some day I will write code to get the RTH intraday print of a Monday extension up .618 and see whether VWAP is critical support for an extension to full extension on that same day. I know I used to use the H of the previous day as important support for a shot at full extension once the 618 extension had been printed. maybe the vwap is more important.