ES 10-17-12

How I'm marking it off so far today....hopefully not much will change between now and RTH last weeks highs and O/N 53 - 55 will be a critical point has brought it up there now
No video below? Try this link: wed_10-17.swf

looking for add ons if we can get to 1457 ..watching the 53-55 carefully now..tricky spot from 10-5
Short as well looking for 53.25.. will this hold up?
ideal volume to test is 53.75...we can use hour highs if they run it out but the plan is still for the 53.75 test
watching 1456.75 from 10/5
Got a little scared of my short out at B/E its Holloween you know..
in general this is a higher risk trade because we are trading an an area where a mini bell curve formed and the low volume area is actually above this bell curve from 10-5
Market has been completly vertical since Monday when will we digest this move??
agree with bruce's last statement, the location of the lvn from 10/5 is not ideal, with a peak volume for the week before last right below and almost no solid bell curve above which could take us to the 60 area above in a heartbeat...shorts there would be more appealing to me since u have all that volume waiting at 62.5 to act as potential add on

have taken two shorts 55.75 and 56 and both have been flattened at 54.5, runners stopped on both (as per the risk mgmt method described yesteray)...i don't like scalping for 1.5 pts but it is what it is
Thanks NickP I see what you mean, great chart
thanks, third short for me...from 56.5 this time...will be left with just runners below 54.5 looking for 53 and 52 highs will stop the trade and won't trade again till we get to the 60 area
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just like yesterday, decent divergence on a cum delta basis on that last peak...

also, big mike if u r around, per your studies the fact that we broke the ib high on the c period but closed inside means there is a chance we go to the ib low ? thanks

Sorry for the late reply. Yes on YM it went back to yesterday's close plus a bit. Stopped short of the IB low by a bot.