ES 10-17-12

How I'm marking it off so far today....hopefully not much will change between now and RTH last weeks highs and O/N 53 - 55 will be a critical point has brought it up there now
No video below? Try this link: wed_10-17.swf

50.50 is my magnet today and taking trades in O/N now to go get it!!
Great Video Bruce, your points of interest seem very simplistic...Nice
Thanks Sharks...I constantly try to refine it to make it easier visually but often come back to the same screen displays. The only thing not shown today is that I also look at the specific high volume spikes so I know where the big players have entered previously...

Often those areas are hvn's, lvn.s and old VPOC...that makes sense...appreciate the feedback
The two main LVN's I see are 1444.50 and 1460.75. It's a struggle for me to trade in between these areas. Your video helped with that.
Daily profile from 10/5 might come into play today...
8:30 report volume was 53.50...a key number up here!!
Took a short Bruce and got hit
trying again up here
0 for 2 fading is tough
this is my second short trade Short from 1455.50......up above is 59 - 60 but we won't think about that yet.....53 is initial target...
big volume just entered too
Originally posted by NickP

just like yesterday, decent divergence on a cum delta basis on that last peak...

also, big mike if u r around, per your studies the fact that we broke the ib high on the c period but closed inside means there is a chance we go to the ib low ? thanks

Sorry for the late reply. Yes on YM it went back to yesterday's close plus a bit. Stopped short of the IB low by a bot.