ES 10-18-12

Hoping to get a video up later but for now I see it like this:

Critical zone is 53.75 - 55.75 and this is much better as a magnet but if you see it go up into there and you get a nice volume divergence then it's ok to short...Last weeks RTH high is at 53.50 so it is no surprise at that battle....look at how that 53.75 played out in O/N session too.

Va Low is right there from yesterday also.

My preference is to have market drop down in the 48.50 - 50.50 zone...50.50 was that HUGH volume on open print from yesterday and 48.50 is yesterdays lows...lots of volume to support price under there..

next long zone is down in the 45 - 46 zone as per yesterdays video ramblings...there is a low volume area from yesterday at 52.50 but I prefer to see them push it lower then that because we didn't see much back and forth trade in yesterdays session below that price.

Normally I like to see back and forth trade battle and then price pushes away to leave the low volume behind...we didn't have too much of that only about 30 minutes worth of trade before we broke away and up and formed that lvn at 52.50..I just don't like that one

The 8:30 report volume come is at 1455.75 so that goes well with our magnet zone mentioned above

so agressive traders can sell the 53.75 - 55.75 but I am hoping we can get some long trades on from lower prices in 48.50 - 50.50 zone

above yesterdays highs we have the 59.50 - 60.50 and then 62.75 - 63.75

Hope all knock it outta the park today..single print in On as I type at 53.50.......last weeks highs again !!
"C" period failed to break IB, long above "C" to IB high and still going on YM.

Good luck to all.
Last week's RTH high may be in play as well.
lots of volume flowing into this 59 area..critical spot as per 10-5 trading day..above there is that 62 - 64.. but I like this to try the shorts
57.25 is the air pocket
flat at 55.25..I know this zone too well and not holding runners now!!
goog came with early reporting of their earnings and they looked awful...that is what caused the spike down
can you expand a bit on this setup? i am sure is different from your other setup where you watch the close of the "c" period inside the ib after breaking its high/low and take the trade in the opposite direction

thanks !

Originally posted by Big Mike

"C" period failed to break IB, long above "C" to IB high and still going on YM.

Good luck to all.
awesome - that move off the 50.50 back to 53.75...damn they really like volume..!
and for anyone your replays and track your evolving VPOC....50.50 was the first one made yesterday morning and it was created by the huge volume from the open print
back to the 53.5 area...they sure like it there
enjoy your time off bruce