ES Tues- wednesday 11-13/14-2012

Cool...It's usually a high probability to expect the RTH session closing price to be trade back to in the O/N session.

Currently Tuesdays close is 71.25 and we have not traded back to it YET in the O/N session...The O/N is trading at 74.25 as I type so we have a three point spread. I'm not a huge fan of trading at this time but it might be something to watch for tonight. Good luck if ya stay to play..!

the Va low is at 75.25 from RTH and daily pivot is 1374.75!
agressive long off 73 low...we know gap fill is below so lite
the quick and the dead ..flat at and magnet is here
I think gap fill is part of the plan now so no more long fades for me
selling 73.75 and will try multiple breakout trades for gap fill now
flat at 71.50..nothing really left now but watch for 68 -69 as possible support
a good day today..only disappointment was they didn't hit that 78 like I thought for the revised tic shy but that's the way it played today
I'd like to see that 63 - 62 to set up for a 68 - 69 retest
the long hunt begins !! now just show us something good...please !!
vpoc has flipped to the lows....critical down here now !!long blinders are on !!
don't get greedy...u should know where yesterdays lows are....
They are doing it again. Fridays settlement is 59.75 and the current On low is 60.50...price is up at an old VPOC of 65.50......other key area is 70 - 71.50...

Last time they did not test the previous RTH close in the overnight but slammed it down in the RTH session...bottom line is it is a high probability to see a retest of last weeks settlement price. Now all we need is the energy and/or patience to stay up all night and trade