ES Tues- wednesday 11-13/14-2012

Cool...It's usually a high probability to expect the RTH session closing price to be trade back to in the O/N session.

Currently Tuesdays close is 71.25 and we have not traded back to it YET in the O/N session...The O/N is trading at 74.25 as I type so we have a three point spread. I'm not a huge fan of trading at this time but it might be something to watch for tonight. Good luck if ya stay to play..!

the Va low is at 75.25 from RTH and daily pivot is 1374.75!
based on closing vwap and a minor low volume area I would be looking at 75 - 77 as a resitence zone now for my key area,,,the pivot number is just a bonus to have
RE:Tuesday RTH

I have VA Low at 1373.00
POC at 79.75

I am using DTNIQ feed and Sierra charts

This is options expiration week. that's just a reminder, I have no OpEx specific expectations.
statistics are fun but unless you have a good database it doesn't tell us WHEN something is most likely to happen...

I want to get short at 76.50 or higher to go get that ledge at 74.50 and then if lucky that gap fill that has not filled in the O/N session yet

current On high is 2 tics shy of the R1 level today at 82.75

time POC is at 81 also..some good levels today and I think this 75 - 77 is still the zone to watch
only holding one runner now with my eyes closely watching 76..that hit into 73.75 took out the ledge and so close to O/N open seems that YD RTH close is so far away the way the O/N moves...reports at 8:30 too
well stopped out from report but trying again from 75.50..not the best trade location and my concern is that vwap and vpoc from O/N is right at my entry point..could be a magnet now..otherwise I am targeting a break of O/N lows into that gap
RE the prices I quoted, they were Volume Profile
numbers on the downside for me will be last weeks low and YD open at 1369 and then the O/N low from last week and S1 at 1362 - 63.

all the volume and time from O/N is building at 1375.75...

besides this 75 - 77 I like sells above 1380 today..ideally in the 80 - 82 zone..then up above 85 ..preferably in the 86 - 88 zone
I covered for small loss...I saw the VPOC shift down in O/N to 1374 and vwap was up at 76.50 so then skew is up...see jpearl thread in traders lab..this all confirms the 75 - 77 zone for me
specific magnet price for me is 75.75..hoping they run it up above 78...I am revising my look for shorts back to magnet ....
there is no edge when we open like this..we need to watch the moves away from the magnet to see if we can get a good fade back to the magnet
They are doing it again. Fridays settlement is 59.75 and the current On low is 60.50...price is up at an old VPOC of 65.50......other key area is 70 - 71.50...

Last time they did not test the previous RTH close in the overnight but slammed it down in the RTH session...bottom line is it is a high probability to see a retest of last weeks settlement price. Now all we need is the energy and/or patience to stay up all night and trade