Market Geometry with JoeD

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The Chancery Court of Giles County, Tennessee for the twenty second judicial district at Pulaski, Tennessee in civil action number 5657 found in favor of Trading Edge 1 LLC in a default judgement. Part of that judgement reads:

That the registered agent of the website, is ordered to remove, delete or otherwise erase all postings made on said website by defendant Justtrader79, under the forum thread entitled "Market Geometry with JoeD."
THANK YOU.......

Sounds like you have an ax to grind! lol You want us to believe you are a good samaritan! Come on now. Just like a few tried to do to Mr Morge!
Hi all.

I was a student of Joseph Dinelli. I will describe my experience in the next two weeks.

I was quiet and did not answer to the thread for a long time even though I was very interested in it. One thing I can say is that info about NDA from 'the guy' is important to me. I hope he will send me the full document.

I assume pivottrade has also some experience (obviously good one) with joed. Could you say more pivottrade?


Really like I said it is clear, as in Mr. Morge's case you have a hidden agenda and as in his case you will now come on as "tomo" as a basher but never give your REAL name as happened with him and others. lol How dumb do you think this group is? GIVE your REAL name and address. So in reality you are passing yourself off as someone else who is just interested in saving the world! This is the internet way, it has happened to many! I could care less about your hobby here. I follow many trader's style with interest as I do here. I am surprized Guy allows this crap! Good luck with your agenda, it is obvious.
Sorry pivottrade ... did you assume I have bad things to say about joed???? Why do you think so?
And to be perfectly clear. I have no connection with justtrader79.

I will give my real name (address is not really needed) .. but will you??? And still do not know why you assumed I have anything bad to say about joed? Is it your experience?

I have been quiet here........I have learned a great deal from George's posts and Joed's past forum interaction and present! And both have helped me a great deal along with Mr. Morge! I am an active trader and my interaction with these individuals has been outstanding. I have seen many through the years bashed, one a good friend and great trader. I believe if that is your course of action put your name on it! It is obvious justtrader is trying to push his agenda down our throat as if we are stupid, that's all!

You were a student and your saying the same thing as "justtrader"............"One thing I can say is that info about NDA from 'the guy' is important to me."

You would have your own NDA and you would hardly repeat the same words! You really think the group is that stupid! At least keep your story straight! No wonder why no one wants to help anyone...........real slimeballs! You ppl are probally the same ones that bashed Mr. Morge!
Justtrader's March 6 post gives an accurate description of my interaction with Joed. I do not believe Joed would have ever told me about the NDA until after I sent the funds. I think this is wrong and it was enough for me to have concerns about getting further involved.

People lucky enough to who have found a great mentor (a person wanting to give back for reasons beyond monetary) are almost always thrilled to personally praise their mentors, with every opportunity. If a prospective mentor cannot provide you with one single direct reference, someone you can personally contact, maybe it's time to keep searching.
Come on “just” trader, tomo or whoever you are…….who we can refer to as Zorro.  It is obvious as “pivot” has stated that you were a student and now want to bash for whatever reason…..the obvious one is always present! I can’t imagine anyone dealing with you. Everyone here must admit you have a bit of a slime bucket way about you, the way you are trying to take us for idiots! Same old same old and now you are going to spend your life taking up band width for pay back! AND no I have not taken the course but I plan to as I have followed his work and George’s from way back on the Andrew’s forum like pivot and both were most helpful…….and yes many have gotten this type of treatment from the “unknown” and we wonder why no one wants to have a forum. So now you will come on and continue for the next 20 yrs to rant and rave! Lol As “pivot” said give your REAL NAME and address rather than hide behind all this smoke of “goodness” from this interested guy from Italy. hahahhahaah

Pablo.........and you didn't expect to sign an NDA?? Was that news? lol Get real! AND he sent it....right, as stated? Why would he write it up until you were ready! It's obvious you were tire kicking.........

By the way maybe joed should give you 10 references to contact so MAYBE you could try to cut a deal with a student to get it cheaper.............oh yea! lol
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