ES 2/8/2013

the numbers i got
i will sell the 12.5 rat plus pitbull number there too
big volume at the 12.5 so that is short spot...tricky when the volume is huge but the flips are happening up here
we really need to see these late buyers trapped..
lets get a vwap tag at 1511.25...the quick and the dead !!
one point loss out at 13.50
ym is leading the strngth up here..price / delta diverging...I'm assuming they want to test the 12.50 again off new highs..thisis the plus4 - 5.5 zone now
that 5 min reversal bar looks to me that it aint going to hold for a top
new high vol at 13.75..we need to get under there and fast
3 matching bars on the highs..not a great high for us shorts so exiting aggressively at 12.50 on most
will be looking for an exit on finals and reversal to longs down here near vwap/12.50
we just had the first flip on the .75 range chart in the last 12 bars...It would be aggressive to sell right into vpoc and vwap...good luck if u stay to play and have a great weekend