ES 2/8/2013

the numbers i got
expecting them to go for tne 13.75 volume again and higher
looks like i was wrong on the 5 min reversal bar not holding
it looksto me like the sellers going down for the second test into vwap are not getting's taking lots of sell orders without price moving down..

I'd like to see them flip it up from here to go get that poor high
i'm on my second try at long side from 12.75....difficult spot and signals are not crystal clear.
what better way to get an hour high run out then to hold vwap on that decline..especially with that triple top...wasn't easy and it took two tries but the signs were there

all out at 14.50 for me
a quick video...this is naturally after the fact comments and it is always harder to read things while it is happening but the concepts are there..sorry the screens aren't the greatest but it will take me too long to make these charts perfect on this computer
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

Thanks for video Bruce, the students enjoy your teachings
Missed a delta flip while watching it
see how CD tok out a swing high but price couldn't on that run up ? That is telling us that aggressive buyers are in the market but MAY be running out of power....
here's a pic of that concept
Click image for original size
we just had the first flip on the .75 range chart in the last 12 bars...It would be aggressive to sell right into vpoc and vwap...good luck if u stay to play and have a great weekend