ES 2-26-13

numbers I am using for today. Hopefully will get to a video later

best to create a zone around these that extends 1/2 a point above and below or just keep the area in mind and look for signals.








I'd like to sell up above current On high near the 1495 number if possible. Otherwise I prefer the buys under yesterdays RTH low near 83 - 84. The 91 seems like a better magnet than a trade initiation point. A long time till RTH opens so these may change a bit.
here is how I was looking at the numbers today...
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_recap.swf

Thx Bruce nice analysis
Wonder if 1480.75 gets tagged today NVPOC from 1/22?
I see 1483.00 held with reversion back to VPOC
Interesting spot here within the last 2 day downtrend
just not sure seems a bit overdone...personally I am not trading any more today..I don't like when peak volume is forming at the lower end of a weekly range that is so big...seems more likely to pop up

just my two cents....I also prefer the first two tests of an area after that then I am more skeptical that they will work as well each day... I think that 90 - 91 will hold the key to see what happens there
I agree Bruce with lots of Vol around the 1485.75 area and prices holding 86 ish I thought we would push higher too
percentage wise the Dow is up almost twice as much as the S&P and the NQ is really lagging both....this rally is suspicious to me and fun to just watch over lunch !
should say 87.00 area
LSW - I answered this two posts below least I think I did...we had the plus 4 up there and I am watching the order flow/ speed of the market always asking myself which range they are trying to negotiate and suck break out traders in. When the breakout traders win then us faders lose.....

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Hi BruceM, what was the reason for the second sell ? I understood the first one btw

Thank you

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on second sell...hoping this one can go a bit further down....they ran stops and got runners on last campaign...

a close only one point above our 91 magnet price today...not very impressive...any trade over todays RTH highs runs up right into the 1499 - 1501 zone

1505 is all the things I mentioned in the videos today and last months highs - best to know your ranges