ES 2-26-13

numbers I am using for today. Hopefully will get to a video later

best to create a zone around these that extends 1/2 a point above and below or just keep the area in mind and look for signals.








I'd like to sell up above current On high near the 1495 number if possible. Otherwise I prefer the buys under yesterdays RTH low near 83 - 84. The 91 seems like a better magnet than a trade initiation point. A long time till RTH opens so these may change a bit.
so the initial battle is between the 91 and 95 number... a plus 2.5 taking out the On high jamming into a key number ...did u sell it ??

Hope so !!
no didnt sell cause i was just like a deer caught in the head lights..also have no # to add to yours..
on second sell...hoping this one can go a bit further down....they ran stops and got runners on last campaign...
although I really want volatility to pick up I'm not going to be TOO greedy today as we may just consolidate after that atomic plunge yesterday....watching the 91 number closely down here but am not good enough or fast enough to reverse positions so I use additional numbers for exits only and then breath a bit...
" a market that fails to hold a range often targets it's midpoint"..dr I'm trying to hold one for the O/N midpoint and get out ahead of gap above the current vpoc/poc at 94.25 takes this last runner...if they can only digest this 91 number !!!
cool how On VPOC was 91.50 and O/N POC was somebody else is watching our key number too !!...

just went flat at good stop loss and only .75 point away from target
beautiful midpoint test ---------------without me !!

congrats to any who held for that and are going for gap fill
Hi BruceM, what was the reason for the second sell ? I understood the first one btw

Thank you

Originally posted by BruceM

on second sell...hoping this one can go a bit further down....they ran stops and got runners on last campaign...
expecting single prints at 91.50 to be tested
open is 93 and plus 4 is at 97...remember pitbull was for big contract so expecting exact hits would not be wise... what is MOST important are the numbers generated outside of pitbull...they where trying to renegotiate last weeks RTH low and the single prints from yesterday..they tried to get buying to come back in above that number...when the fail we can jump on the shorts

one of many reasons I establish zones of prices...
a close only one point above our 91 magnet price today...not very impressive...any trade over todays RTH highs runs up right into the 1499 - 1501 zone

1505 is all the things I mentioned in the videos today and last months highs - best to know your ranges