ES 3-18-13

Sorry for the "clicks" and "tics" from my voice. I think I had too much corned beef and not enough beer !
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basic zones is next ...hope to update more in the morning
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My plan is to assume they will want to test last weeks lows ! I am using the the 38.50 as my first key point and then below there I have 32 - 34.50 ..both spots I will use to initiate long trades but 32 is more important... below there is 27.75

above last weeks lows I like the current On high up into the VA low of 3-13 at 45.75...above there I think the biggest area to watch will be fridays lows at 48.75 and then the 1551

I've created numbers based on areas of low and high volume from the longer term charts
this 45.50 is my spot to hunt for a short signal
all fades are very aggressive because we are holding above last weeks lows and we have driven higher off the open back into last weeks range
thanks bruce for all the time u take to show us your way..
see how the pitbull ran out the On high into the key plus 4 - 5.5 zone
no problem is an alternate view that forms the same ideas and areas
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the hardest thing when the ranges are so small is that the peak volume prices are only about 2-3 points away from the LVN we need to be more selective...sellers want this to get back under the VA low from 3- 13 of 1545.75...!
those buying the IB high breakout run the risk of price getting jammed up into that 49 number/POC...I'm looking to sell in there if I can
this is where the battle gets sellers want to keep it under that VA low and the buyers want to keep it above that 45.75 VA low...not sure who will win longer term...hope it's the sellers for selfish reasons
this is sell zone again and volume is flipping higher..I think that flip is showing that buyers are tired now
Thanks Bruce for your analysis. Very Helpful.