ES 3-18-13

Sorry for the "clicks" and "tics" from my voice. I think I had too much corned beef and not enough beer !
No video below? Try this link: mp_refresher.swf

basic zones is next ...hope to update more in the morning
No video below? Try this link: numbers_2.swf wrong on that so far...I'm trying last fade into the afternoon pullback low at the 51 area...they usually come back to test a number like 1549 as all who tried to sell it get stopped out and the market probes just a bit higher to take their stop...then comes back down for the test..
here is a brief summary for anybody hanging out now...

a key thing to remember is that for every time period there will be a high and low of that time period and then a VA high, a VA low and a POC for the same time period.

keep in mind what the daily and weekly MP players will be looking at...a longer term trader is watching that 1549 price because it was the POC from last WEEK...a daily trader will watch it because it is the Low of friday.....either way a key price this week so far..
No video below? Try this link: monday_summary.swf

Thanks Bruce for your analysis. Very Helpful.