ES 4-4-13

I don't have the benefit of the Overnight session yet but here are the numbers I'll hopefully be using tomorrow. I should have mentioned that the S1 level tomorrow is 1539.50 so we have a big band of numbers from 39.50 - 41.50..ok, that's really only 2 points of range but lots of numbers show up..

here are my video numbers
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

I like the fact that we have double tpos at the lows and no official gap close fill yet today at 48.25
if they can get back under 52.25 I will look for shorts but trade small..the more agressive traders are probably taking shorts off the 54.75 - 55 number...stuck inside the Ib and yesterday was a trend day for the most consolidation is to stay near extremes
one the many great things about the ES is that the day after it trends then usually behave we know that challenging days are usually followed by great days
taking very small stabs from in data at 53.25 and we are 4 points up off that last low
it's always higher risk to initiate inside the I realize this is agressive trade in here
if we come back up to 55 then my last runner is stopped out otherwise I'm trying to hold one for the IB low / gap close fill