ES 4-4-13

I don't have the benefit of the Overnight session yet but here are the numbers I'll hopefully be using tomorrow. I should have mentioned that the S1 level tomorrow is 1539.50 so we have a big band of numbers from 39.50 - 41.50..ok, that's really only 2 points of range but lots of numbers show up..

here are my video numbers
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

my target is 2.5 off the current high but more important is that 55 volume off the weekly video..ripe for a retest...gulp..i hope..current vpoic is 54.75 as a magnet too
thanks sharks
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Great work last two days Bruce with your trading and posting
great question Stockster...often you will find that they will run it up towards an Overnight high but never get I had that 55 area and the 54.75 that at one time was the O/N It was worth a try when I saw volume building on the stall.

It didn't work today...I get more agressive as we go higher so that first trade was smaller..the better area was the second fade as u mention. Lots was there and it is better soo far

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Why would you short here, when ONH and SP are within a couple of points above?

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starting first short at 55.25 ..air pocket below into 51...maybe 4 - 5.5 is here for confluence with other numbers

tryingto get to 53.50 on runner as that is 4 points off the high and just under 5 minute air pocket at 53.75...that 54.75 is a hassle now..
Nice short Bruce thought we might hit 1558.25 HVN from yesterday before pullback didnt get there
Thanks Sharks..that was a concern of mine too but I was working off the assumption that they wanted to keep it below that volume...basically the same way I thought they might want to keep it below that 1555 volume which was wrong

these bell curves always have two components. they have the battle area which is the high volume part and then they have the breakway part which is the low volume..

so when we approach from below we really need to try at both places ..the LVN spot and the hvn spot.
I covered one at 52.25 and last at ammo left...but we need to stay below that 52.25- 53.50
Thx Bruce thats the part of Volume profile I need to understand
double low at the Ib low so will look for rentry..
sharks - classic market profile will sell the VA high when we open inside the Va of the previous day...that was 57 as a VA high..the volume profile helps us confirm the BEST areas of the TIME market profile levels...
if we come back up to 55 then my last runner is stopped out otherwise I'm trying to hold one for the IB low / gap close fill