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ES 4-4-13

I don't have the benefit of the Overnight session yet but here are the numbers I'll hopefully be using tomorrow. I should have mentioned that the S1 level tomorrow is 1539.50 so we have a big band of numbers from 39.50 - 41.50..ok, that's really only 2 points of range but lots of numbers show up..

here are my video numbers
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

same basic babble but different day and had a data issue on my Volume VA...just refined the areas a bit...not much...I think the real key as we go forward will be the 1555 and the 1548.50 ( magnet price for me only) today.... lots repeated concepts to bore ya to death

overnight Vpoc is currently at that afternoon pull back high so that 51.75 - 52 becomes first important spot if we open below that in RTH and trade up to that...hope so !!

for buys we really need them to push under 46.50 near the VA low and current O/N lows ..then use the 48.50 magnet..
No video below? Try this link: same_babble.swf

starting first short at 55.25 ..air pocket below into 51...maybe 4 - 5.5 is here for confluence with other numbers
Great work last two days Bruce with your trading and posting
APB is first target 52.25...watching if we get the swing high for the 2.5 - 4 point concept
revisising fiirst target to 53.50..not sure they wont go for the new high to shake us a bit
this fade is harder because they tested the magnet area first today at the 48 - 49...lots of volume up here at 54.75...we need to get under that and soon
Why would you short here, when ONH and SP are within a couple of points above?

Originally posted by BruceM

starting first short at 55.25 ..air pocket below into 51...maybe 4 - 5.5 is here for confluence with other numbers
went flat at 56 and short again from 57.25
1555 is target.
this O/N high may be in my way for downside target..c'mon..
if we come back up to 55 then my last runner is stopped out otherwise I'm trying to hold one for the IB low / gap close fill
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